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my life stories just bring me down.
cause then it hits you that your at a complete loss. what do you do when you want to cry but the tears refuse to come? i'm wrecked.
.... i love how random people get into fights with me because they have no life. yeah, i'm a huge slut bitches. be jealous.

You show up like a hurricane, all hungry eyed and weather stained.

 1.32 am

THIS is what you get for not taking nicer pictures with me babe.

I told you I wouldn't forget.

I may not have the most perfect words to describe you, or to say to you for that matter, but I can certainly try.

8 months ago, without any warning, this (impossibly tall) boy walked into my life.
The first word he ever said to me was 'bye'.
Little did I know that it was only the beginning.
On the 13th on February, he talked to me on MSN.

The conversation lasted for 4 hours, which is... pretty amazing because I am shit at conversations. I learnt more about him in that 4 hours then I have with people who I've known for weeks.

The days passed, we became close pretty quickly. Then came Sports Day- the first time I hugged him. ( Yes baby, I still remember. It was right after you ran, you were all sweaty and icky and I was with Tesh. ) It was... a pretty good hug. I remember liking the fact that he had really strong arms haha.

And the rest is history :)

5 blissful months with you, and you still leave me ecstatic every time. You've stuck by me throughout all the shit that's happened, even though we both know I'm a mess you don't deserve (despite what you think!). Every time I'm with you, I have this huge-ass sappy lovesick teenage girl smile on my face, because your the only person that can make me feel THAT happy and, trust me, I wouldn't trade those moments in for anything. I love everything about you- hell, I even miss you when I'm all wrapped up in your arms.

Because I know you. I know your a nerd at heart, you like anything to do with war, you wanna do something epic when you grow up... I know you. Your familiar, your comfortable, you are my safe haven. Which is probably why your that one person I'd go crawling back too when I'm all teary-eyed and torn inside. I love you so much it scares me sometimes, and I think I'm only uncaring and cold because if I let it sink in... I'd be an emotional train-wreck of a girl.

We may not be 'forever and always', but your my present, and for now... you are all I want. You are enough.

I'm all yours, baby.
oh god i'm sinking in, right back into my sins...